Analysis Of Fruit Juice

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a) Description of product and general information
Juice is a natural compound of the fruit and vegetables which has a liquid form when the extract is collected. Juice is not only compound of fruit and vegetables but also found in meat and sea foods. The juice is mainly included at the preparation phrase of the foods and also can consumable without any being processed as beverage. As a widespread preparation, different fruit and vegetable juices are mixed for consuming; at first stages juice was not a widely consumed beverage however after the developments in pasteurization the juice can preserved without fermentation which widened its popularity. As The Food and Agriculture Organization stated that the total citrus fruit juices production became
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Then it is sent to the production plant and pure water added to intermediate. The final product of this process is called %100 juice from concentrate. This type of preparation leads to drop on shipping costs from one plant to other and it is less perishable compared with the normal juice.
Another type of juice is %100 juice with mixed proportion of fruit juices. It is written as %100 juice in package however it is composed of different type of fruits for decreasing costs because several type of fruits cost different and mixture of expensive with cheap decreases overall cost. Also apple is the easiest to process between all fruits and the juice output of the process is higher from other fruits. In further sections we will analyse production processes of %100 apple juice in details.
b) Product capacity and trade data; When we look at the Turkish fruit juice market, the high percentage of juice is produced from apple, peach, cherry and apricot. The given table shows minimum and maximum capacities for fruits on their peak period. For apricot this season lasts forty days and for peach it lasts seventy days. As looking to this table if the fruit amount is enough to supply, we can show total idle capacity on the table
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The table shows endorsement values for 5 year period. The size of the fruit juice market is shown below. Exports; Turkey’s fruit juice exporting operations started on 1970 with a 6 tons, with the growing fruit juice market it reached 160 Million Dollar on 2008 year. At 2008 global economic crisis affected the export rates because of the shrinkage in EU market demand with a %20 decrease in exports. At that period industry renovated itself with the investments and in 2010 year it reached to 183 Million Dollar export size. The main fruit juice and concentrate type that exported from Turkey is apple juice. Apple juice export takes %56 of our total exports and as a monetary value it takes %48 of all. After apple juice, cherry, apricot and peach are the other important export juices. This fruit juices take %82 of all exports and as a monetary value it takes %91 of all. The 5 years of export values are shown table

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