Analysis Of ' From Believing Is Seeing : Biology As Ideology, By Deborah Tannen

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In Gender Theorist Judith Lorber’s article, “From Believing is Seeing: Biology as Ideology,”( 1992) and Linguist Deborah Tannen’s essay, “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently,”(1990) Tannen focuses on the difference in language usage between males, and females in the classroom. Tannen also delves into the limiting qualities of a masculinized debate based environment. In contrast Lorber focuses on revealing gender stereotypes in society, and how these stereotypes limit women in many aspects of daily life. Both authors discuss the difference in male and female behavior in society not as a result of innate behaviors but, as a result of learned social constructs. The authors also discuss the need for equity in society to offer both genders the equal opportunity to express talents without the limiting assumptions that are created by society 's expectations.
In Tannen’s essay she reveals the difference in how males and females use language in the classroom. Tannen claims that to males, “...speaking in a classroom is more congenial to boys’ language experience than to girls ',..”(Tannen 1990) Tannen also notices that males are more likely to respond to debate in the classroom this being based on their socially prescribed behavior Tannen states that,“It is simply that a greater percentage of discussion time is taken by men 's voices.”(Tannen 1990) Tannen then describes female behavior in the classroom, ”...most women are more comfortable speaking in private…

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