Analysis Of Frns De Wall's Our Inner Ape

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“One can take the ape out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the ape” These lines were written in Frans de Wall’s book our inner ape. The statement is clear but can also be interpreted in different ways. Humans have been constantly evolving but the common ancestral genes that we share with the apes, shows us that we have a lot of similarities but also differences too. Frans De Wall’s book Our Inner Ape, looks at how all of us humans have an inner ape in us and the question here is now that are we unique? Or we have even more similarities with the apes?
Humans and have long been known to be in search of power or supremacy but the idea power is also there in minds of the great apes. The apes show aggression mostly because they just want to intimidate but sometimes it is followed by action as said by Frans de Wall in the second chapter of his book Power. Just like in the human society the apes also have a power aspect in their society. The Alpha male
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The apes are as much as capable of kindness as empathy as they are of violence, one such incidence of kindness is was shown by a bonobo named kuni in Twycross Zoo in Great Britain saw that a starling had hit her glass enclosure and had fallen, she went and picked up the bird and gently set it on its feet, but the bird didn’t move, then she threw it little bit but it only fluttered. She then carefully opened its wings and holding them between her fingers tried to make her fly like a toy airplane but she was unsuccessful after that she kept a watch for the bird protecting it from juvenile and by the end of the day the bird had fully recovered and had flown away. This was just on one of the remarkable examples of how apes are capable of kindness and empathy towards other helpless

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