Essay on Analysis Of Fritz Scholder 's ' Hell '

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In general, Fritz Scholder used people to show ethnic subject matter. This does not coincide with what I have learned about earlier painters such as those in the Oklahoma School. The most artwork from earlier painters are traditional portraits and pictures of recording the ceremony. Fritz Scholder combined Indian culture with American culture to show the Indian with a beer can, the Indian with a American flag, and a portrait of himself with a cat. He also drew abstract in which expressed Indian’s daily life, and he expressed more emotions though his works.
I have chosen Hell and Heaven because the structure of both picture are similar, Fritz Scholder only used color to describe these two opposite scenes. In Hell, there is a black and red half-length portrait. The half-length portrait is smiling and showing his red teeth, and he has two tentacles. He looks like a demon, and he always treats people. The half-length portrait covers ¾ of the picture. The color of the background is red. It gives red light to the black portrait, so the portrait has reflected red color. In Heaven, there is also showing a half-length portrait which covers ¾ of the picture. The black portrait does not have eyes or mouth, but only reflects a yellow light that comes from the sun. The sun is hanging in the middle of the picture but behind the figure, and it is part of the background. The color of the background is white and yellow. Since the white light reflects to the dark portrait, we will see that…

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