Analysis Of Friendship Between Nandu And Vedant

Friendship between Nandu and Vedant
A small village surrounded by hills and green forest, undemanding, hard working people leading a simple life. The Sun, just waking up and spreading its rays on the body of green velvety earth, pricking every bit and hole in the earth, its warmth gives life to the little seed to rise up and see the beautiful world.
Mama, why is Gauri restless today? Why is she lowing, is there something wrong with her? Asks Vedant anxiously to his Mother Meera. Yes, my son, she is in pain today, she is going to deliver a baby calf anytime. Said Meera.
What? A baby calf is going to come to our home. Yee! I am going to play with him. He runs all over the village beating up a toy drum in great happiness. He sits near the cattle shed waiting for the baby to born,
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What a pleasing scene, Gauri is feeding its little clutch. Both Meera and Vedant stood quietly and take pleasure of the activity of the little calf.
So Vedant what you have to do is to name him, it’s your duty now.
Ok, I will surely Mama he is going to be my best friend, I’ll take care of him, says Vedant in enthusiasm.
Vedant gets ready to go to school; he is excited to tell all his friends about the calf.
That day he returns home early, slams his school bag to the doorsteps and rushes to the cattle shed to play with his new friend Nandu. Happy day passes on Nandu is growing up and so is their friendship is going stronger and stronger. Vedants avoids his school friends and spends more time with Nandu.
One day Vedant’s parents returned from the farm. His father washed his hands and legs and called Vedant. “Vedant will you go to the next village tomorrow?” asks his father.
“Yes, but what is the reason?”
“Oh! Do you remember Mr. Naidu, he owes money, I am supposed to pay him 5000 which I have taken for agriculture purpose. He had come to me on the farm and asked for money.
Vedant asked “father where will you get such a large

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