Analysis Of Freire 's ' The Banking ' Concept Of Education Essay

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While many feel education is the root of oppression, it is not the only institution in which oppression occurs. Paulo Freire extends the sentiment by presenting society as a constant struggle between two opposing forces. Freire believes teachers essentially oppress their students by maintaining the current society rather than encourage students to think for themselves. The result of free-thinking students is a recreation of a new society. Freire presents his main argument about education in his chapter, The “Banking”Concept of Education, where he expresses the power relations between the educators and the students.
This work introduces his main points about oppression in education. In the beginning, Freire does a good job giving the readers an idea on which side he is for and which he is against. He is setting up his readers to already criticize and think logically about which side they prefer. Freire is trying to show his readers that educators live to oppress, maintain order, and conserve the same system as how it is. Freire addresses an informed audience and defines the groups who are the oppressors and the oppressed. His central point of the chapter revolves around the conflict between these two groups. His whole idea is based on opposition, because it is this conflict of education that creates oppression.
Feire presents his overall argument by including examples of dominance to support his reasons about oppression. He displays dominance in the form of the…

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