Analysis Of Frederick Douglas 's ' The Narrative Of Fredrick Douglass '

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Slavery was time period in history where the United States was morally corrupted. In the Narrative of Fredrick Douglass, we see the first hand account of how slavery impacted both the slaves and the slaveholders. Slave owners were dehumanizing African Americans by calling the 3/5s human. Fredrick Douglas shows how unfortunate the lives of African American slaves were. He shows the manipulation, torture and hardships, they had to go through. Although nothing is excusable for mentally and physically hurting people, Douglas’s narrative shows how slaveholders themselves, were negatively affected by slavery. Fredrick Douglas shows in his narrative how conformity, role playing, and true evil led to ongoing approval of the evilness of slavery in the south. We will see through Douglass narrative how these three aspects continued revolve around his and his slave-owners lives.
The first family Douglas was sent to work for Hugh and Sophia Auld who at first gave Douglass a good impression, but later quickly conformed to society. Douglass shows us how Mrs. Auld was so different from anyone he has seen, for example when Douglas says “I was utterly astonished at her goodness. I scarcely knew how to behave towards her. She was entirely unlike any other white woman I had ever seen. (19)” Being a first time slave owner Sophie Auld’s showed the compassion of normal person, but because Douglass has been treated so horrible in the past, he considered it kind. This quote also show how at the…

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