Colonization And Violence Franz Fanon Analysis

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A Critical Look at Frantz Fanon’s Opinion about Colonization and Violence.
Question 1:
At the core of Fanon’s analysis of the African condition is violence. He claimed that violence liberates a person from his/her inferiority complex, despair, and restores self-respect. He also claimed that it only through violence that the oppressed can become self-determined and break from oppression.
Question 2:
Fanon’s solution was focused on the postmodern era of Africa.
Question 3:
Violence against the oppressor is an indication that the oppressed has no fear of the oppressor. With an ignited sense of confidence that is brought about by violence, the individual is able to stand strongly against any form of oppression. Colonization is in itself violence and to gain self-rule, one should apply violence. He argues that to prevent the
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Max, on the other hand, is focused on class difference. It is, however, important to realize that Fanon is not suggesting that the issue of race replace the concept of class. He only argues that race is an autonomous factor in a society that needs equal attention as the issue of class.
Question 5:
The book, Black Skins, White Mask, seeks to create the awareness that the black people are been oppressed and that they are losing their image. It speaks of the fact that the black people are having an inferiority complex due to racist view and oppression. Fanon, however, responded to his former book in his book, The Wretched of the Earth, which gives the solution to the problem of inferiority complex and oppression. The book suggested that the way to solve this issue is through violence.
Question 6:
Fanon understood the importance of liberation of nations and stated,
“To fight for a national culture means in the first place to fight for the liberation of the nation, that material keystone which makes the building of a culture possible…” (Kiros, 2014, p.

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