Analysis Of Frankenstein 's ' The Light Of Modern Psychiatry Frankenstein '

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Although personality disorders are generally innocuous and often go unnoticed, Victor’s case causes tremendous repercussions. Frankenstein composes a perfect example of the potential evil present within narcissistic personality disorder. “In the light of modern psychiatry Frankenstein is a sad tragedy portraying a narcissist at full blast, a total disaster destroying his own being and the people around him in an obsessive and delirious pursuit of divine power. Indeed, Frankenstein is richly furnished with descriptions of incidents that expose Victor Frankenstein’s mental condition” (Hirche 2). Since his creation is enormously large and attention-seeking, it is easy to conclude that Victor’s motives include seeking attention for his product of science. “Moreover, Victor demonstrates the paradoxical nature of narcissism, where self-love exists with self-hate, and fragile self-esteem results in a sense of entitlement, the expectation of receiving special favors from others without assuming reciprocal responsibilities” (Berman 2). Victor’s narcissistic nature is not only limited to the beginning of the novel, but transcends to other realms such as his subconscious. “In addition to the narcissistic nature of Frankenstein 's megalomaniacal propensity for science and for the narcissistic fantasy of his creation, the nature of his narcissism is explored even more deeply in his dreams immediately following the creation of the Creature” (Kestner 74). Concerning this, Frankenstein…

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