Essay on Analysis Of ' Frankenstein ' By Mary Shelley

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Frankenstein Essay Jake Roeleven
Extracts derived from Letter IV of ‘Frankenstein’ foreshadows the elementary ideas that transpire during the course of the novel. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851) wrote ‘Frankenstein’ after her friend Lord Byron challenged Mary Shelley and her husband to write a Gothic ghost story during a stay in Geneva. Mary Shelley was influenced by many, such as her romantic poet husband P.B Shelley, her father William Goodwin and his friend the Scientist Erasmus Darwin. Considering these people and the context at the time, it’s no surprise theories on Galvanism, Romantic literal movement and its resulting opposition to the industrial revolution, permeate through the novel. These events clearly have influenced the key themes, which are dangerous knowledge, abandonment/isolation and monstrosity. The extracts provide a glimpse of these themes that are so prominent during the course of the novel. A Promethean thirst for knowledge and the accompanying consequences, or dangerous knowledge, are explored in the extracts while pervade throughout the novel. When Victor encounters Walton and learns of Walton’s inexperienced views that “One man’s life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of knowledge.” He immediately inhibits these ideas with the rhetorical questions “Do you share my madness? … Drunk also of the intoxicating draught? … Let me reveal my tale… you will dash the cup from your lips.” Harnessing the metaphor of a…

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