Essay on Analysis Of ' Frankenstein ' By Mary Shelley

1268 Words May 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
After reading the past novels in English class and doing multiple theories of analysis, I have decided the theory that I best relate with is reader response. The reason behind me choosing reader response is that throughout reading all the novels assigned I always tended to make a comparison to my modern day teenage life. As multiple of my previous analysis and explication videos have shown I tend to relate to the character struggling or the character that is in the pressure situation. Reader response is the theory that I relate to the most because of the past struggles that I have experienced and the struggles that I have seen close people in my life experience. While reading the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley I tended to relate to the monster throughout the novel. I compared the monster throughout the novel to a teenage boy that never really had his father in his life. The monster has the desire to meet the creator that formed him because like the teenage boy he never had gotten the acceptance of his father. “I haunted the spot where these scenes had taken place; sometimes wishing to see you,”(Frankestein pg. 103). The desire for acceptance is something that every person in the world wants to experience. Just as the kid would do watching other kids have a father play a major role in their life the monster watches a family from a far and sees what acceptance and the way those kids react. The moral of the story for the monster is that he has never felt love before and…

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