Eastern Philosophy: The Four Eastern Philosophers

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During the middle of the semester, we began discussing Eastern Philosophy. Kung Fu Tze, Lao Tze, Mo Tze, and Siddartha Gautama were the four Eastern Philosophers we discussed. Each of these philosophers had different objectives. Kung Fu Tze, also known as Confucius, believed that life ought to be lived in accordance with Heaven. Secondly, Lao Tze focused his concept around the Universe. Thirdly, Mo Tze based his philosophy on Jian Ai which is “Indiscriminate Love.” Lastly, the final philosopher we discussed was Siddartha Gautama, and through meditation, his philosophy was started on three principles. Kung Fu Tze believed that there were five relationships, known as "Rectification of Names." The five basic relationships were: father and son, elder brother and younger brother, husband and wife, elder and younger, and ruler and subject. He expressed that within these relationships there is someone who has authority. Although he believes that there is someone in charge, that doesn 't mean the person who has the authority can treat the submissive the way they choose. For example, I respect and obey my father because he is my dad and he guides and financially and emotionally supports me. Even though my dad is …show more content…
Mo Tze expressed that no one should be treated higher than the other and everyone should be loved equally. His theory contrasted with Kung Fu Tze’s theory because Mo Tze concluded that one should be loved regardless, not by particular relationships. This theory shows that everyone is capable of being loved. For example, I will always show respect and love towards my family and friend relationships. This doesn 't give me the right to act differently and disrespect those who I don 't necessarily have a relationship with. This theory goes by race. Someone from a particular race shouldn 't treat anyone outside of their particular race any differently. Mo Tze concludes that love should be equal for

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