Essay on Analysis Of `` For Environmental Balance, Pick Up A Rifle ``

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In Nicholas D Kristof’s article “For Environmental Balance, Pick up a Rifle”, the need for mainstream hunting is discussed. He begins by introducing the problem of deer overpopulation, which leads to over 150 human deaths per year through car crashes and disease. Throughout his piece, Kristof maintains a calm, conversational tone that makes it very easy to read. Knowing nothing about the overpopulation of deer and very little about hunting, I found his article very interesting to read as I am a part of his target audience, the uniformed public. Kristof begins his essay by listing the multitude of harms that stem from rising deer populations, and discusses how they can be solved by something as simple as hunting. Every piece of writing should begin with a hook, and Kristof’s is no exception, as he begins his paper with a hook that truly causes the reader to think. “Here 's a quick quiz: Which large American mammal kills the most humans each year? It 's not the bear, which kills about two people a year in North America. Nor is it the wolf, which in modern times hasn 't killed anyone in this country. It 's not the cougar, which kills one person every year or two. Rather, it 's the deer.” (Kristof 13). By starting with a question, he causes the reader to subconsciously begin to think about what is to come. In this case, the first animals that would come to the reader 's mind would be large, dangerous animals. He immediately follows his question by disproving what he knows his…

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