Analysis Of ' Flight ' By Toni Morrison Essay

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In Song of Solomon, a novel by Toni Morrison, flight is a major motif, used as a metaphorical and literal symbol of escape. Each individual that chooses to fly in the novel is “flying” away from a hardship or a seemingly impossible situation. However, by them choosing to escape, they also deliberately choose to abandon family and community members. The first reference to this idea is found in the novel’s epigraph: “The fathers may soar/ And the children may know their names,” which introduces the idea that while flight can be an escape, it can also be harmful to those left behind. However, the male characters who achieve flight do so by abandoning their female partners and family, the female characters’ master flight without abandoning those they love. Throughout the novel, human flight is accepted as a natural occurrence, whereas those who doubt human flight, such as Milkman, are viewed as abnormal and are shut out from the community. In reality, flight as a means of escape is transferred as an egotistical act, of harming all those left behind. Also, in mention of Robert Smith and Milkman, death, not flight, was what caused them to essentially escape. In this work, flight comes across as an act of desperation, in which those involved would risk anything to escape their distressed lives. Only when you “surrendered yourself to the air” could you truly escape and find happiness. Flight repeats itself throughout the story as a reward, as a hoped-for skill, as an escape, and…

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