Analysis Of Fitzgerald 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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The method that Fitzgerald uses to persuade the reader that Nick is credible is by the style Fitzgerald chooses to tell the story which is similar to being third person omniscient. Since Nick’s initial purpose is to retell the events that have already occurred, it isn’t relevant to include his reactions to the events. This also explains the extensive amount of imagery in the novel. However, in the first couple of paragraphs Fitzgerald introduces Nick as an honest character by stating that he is, “inclined to reserve all judgements,” as a habit, but a sentence later he ironically makes judgements about no person in specific by calling them “bores” and “abnormal” (Fitzgerald, 1).
Economically, in the 1920s The United States was a massive financial opportunity for the upper class which explains why Nick Carraway moved to the East to expand his fortune in the bond business, especially since at this time the sum of money paid regularly to stockholders had increased by 108%. This is relevant to the comparison betweens the books and the mint condition because “mint” relates to the connotation of being extremely wealthy and the idea of “new money” since it exemplifies the color of green which is a probable result of the books.
The type of imagery that Fitzgerald uses to make the Buchanan palace come alive is personification. For instance, he states that, “Their house was...a cheerful red-and-white...The lawn...ran toward the door...jumping over sun-dials…” Fitzgerald purpose of this…

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