Analysis Of Film ' Rocky ' Essay

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Careful analysis of a film’s form used to dissect the complex synthesis of cinematography, sound, composition, design, movement, performance, and editing; as they are orchestrated by screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, actors, editors, sound designers, and art directors, as well as the many craftspeople who implement their vision. These elements range from matters as straightforward as where and when a particular scene takes place, to the subtler issues of mood, tone, and what a character is thinking or feeling.
Write 3 questions you could ask if you were going to write a formal analysis of the film Rocky (1976).
How was lighting used throughout the film to convey mood, tone, and/ or what a character is thinking or feeling?
Where there any recurring narrative or cinematographic patterns in the film? If so, what are they and what purpose do they serve?
What narrative or genre rules were established but broken throughout the film? Does this take away or add to the experience of the film?
What is the difference between explicit and implicit meaning?
Explicit meaning is a message that the movie presents on the surface; the central facts of a story, for example. Implicit meaning is below the surface of a movie’s story and presentation; an association, connection, or inference that a viewer makes on the basis of the explicit meanings available on the surface of the film.
What is a cultural analysis of a film?
The examining of the layers of implicit meaning. These may…

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