Analysis Of Fd & C Red Number 40 Essay

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FD&C Red Number 40 Food is a staple in our everyday lives, along with water it is one of the things we literally cannot live without. As an American, it is hard to eat a nutritious diet with all the fast food options and processed foods right at our fingertips. However, one aspect of our food that is of big concern for some individuals are artificial color additives. If you pick up your favorite cereal, beverage, or even your mouthwash and start to read the ingredients list you may see some of the colors I am referring to, such as Blue 1, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, etc. These artificial color additives are in numerous products throughout your house, even more than you probably realize. You may think nothing of this, but a lot of these artificial colors are man-made and petroleum based (FDA website). After finding out these are petroleum based products that you are consuming daily, you might start to get a little concerned. As are a lot of people and healthcare professionals, which is why the U.S Food and Drug administration (FDA) has been under somewhat of an attack in the past few years.
The FDA is supposed to keep the citizens of the U.S safe by regulating our drugs, foods, cosmetics, etc. On the FDA website it states that “FDA evaluates safety data to ensure that a color additive is safe for its intended purposes. Color additives that FDA has found to cause cancer in animals or humans may not be used in FDA-regulated products marketed in the United States”. Along with…

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