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If we ask any car racing lover about the 'Fast & Furious ' they 'll jump and say few lines or more lines about this. The franchise 'Fast & Furious ' is made for racing admirers and action lovers.

There are seven installments till now from this amazing franchise. And all films are the best entertainers, they never disappoint the fans and viewers and thereby increasing the number of viewers. This franchise has earned quite good amount of fan size during the release of their movies.

All the six installments are one side and the latest one which was released on April 1 2015 in Los Angeles was another side. It 's because of the person who had been there with stunning action performance and fights, Paul Walker 's
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. .

This seems like F7 review, but I started with a slight insight into the movie because of the person who am going to talk about is in the cast.

It 's been 2 years 6 months and 30 days from today. We are living without Paul. And Furious 7 is his last movie.

Paul Walker - FOREVER:

It 's not about how many days we live on earth, it 's about how many smiles we brought on the faces, by becoming the reason for their smiles.

I 've been waiting to write this quote, and I felt it would fit here in this post. Because it suits Paul well, all the good he did is still alive. We 're only missing his body.

He is alive in those people hearts whose lives are lighted by his works. And there will be no day without remembering him.

It took 2 years for me to dare to write about him, I was brokenhearted and I couldn 't even pen it.

Paul Walker, being a celebrity he didn 't bother about fame. He had his personal life and he was a family guy. His kindness helped many people around the world. That kindness initiated the Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW), which is a relief fund raising and rescue team. Paul along with this team had helped the areas which are stunned by the natural disasters. And he died during raising the funds for the typhoon in
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And that pain is still with us.

There burst many controversies and rumours regarding his death. Like, Paul faked his own death and he didn 't died actually. The Illuminati is the reason behind his death etc. And also some said it 's the drone strike that made the car to go out of control.

What it is known officially is that 'speed ' is the reason for this.

We all have doubts and mysteries related to this, but now we are without him.

Paul 's life was an inspirational and motivational one. He lived a good life and earned a good name in the hearts of the people who knew him. Neither ran after fame, nor made his presence as an advertisement.

He was a star, indeed he is a star now too. His helping nature poured another life after his death and that will be forever.

Through ROWW (Reach Out Worldwide) a fund raising thought from him helped to establish it and he actively participated in many rescues and assisting the victims. He saved lives, provided them food and shelter.

I still remember the moment that made me hurt, that day I felt so low. As Vin Diesel said, "Heaven gained an angel".

For Paul

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