Analysis Of ' Fall Of Rome ' Essay

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Fall of Rome A number of events have happened since the death of Julius Caesar in Rome. There is a struggle for power and control since their leader was killed. The people can’t decide who to follow Brutus, one of the conspirators or Antony Julius’s closest friend. Also the fates Cassius, Antony, Brutus, and Octavius have yet to be decided, we don’t know what will happen to them. In Act 4 scene 2 Brutus and Cassius are in a tent arguing about something. Cassius has been doing something shady and Brutus isn’t a fan of what he is doing. They debate if they should leave the area they are in or if they should leave. They have Lucilius and Titinus guard the tent because Brutus and Cassius don’t want to be heard arguing (shmoop). In the next scene Brutus and Cassius are having an argument. Brutus is claiming that Cassius doesn’t practice what he preaches. He said we killed Caesar for honor and respect, but you’re not doing honorable things. Cassius is taking bribes from a poor man outside the city of Rome. Brutus imprisoned the man Cassius hired because what he was doing was illegal for it is frowned upon to take bribes from someone especially out of the city of Rome. Brutus says you are bringing back the corruption, we destroyed. Cassius claims he is a better solider then Brutus and Brutus disagrees, saying that he is the better soldier. They continue to argue back and forth, Cassius says that he believes that Brutus never thought them to be brothers. He says…

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