Analysis Of ' Fahrenheit 451 ' By Ray Bradbury Essay examples

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In literature, similarities between characters and themes in separate works can commonly be seen. People refer to these commonalities as archetypes. Joseph Campbell created a step by step path that mapped the path of nearly all hero archetypes. Guy Montag’s experience, in Fahrenheit 451, corresponds with the stages of the hero’s journey. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses these classic character progressions in order to further the plot and depict how censorship can destroy a society. In Guy Montag’s society, he works as a firefighter, burning down buildings that contain books and other written material. One day, Montag runs into an inquisitive young girl, named Clarisse, who forces him to rethink his opinions on society 's mandates regarding books. Soon after, Fire Chief Beatty reveals to Montag the cause of the book banning is that books could offend minorities and cause unhappiness to disseminate in the community. After hearing of Clarisse’s death, Guy takes her message to heart and rebels against the hypocrisy of burning books and guys to an old professor to learn more about books. Soon, Beatty catches on to Montag and sets Montag’s house as the next target for the firefighters. When Montag confronts Beatty, things get out of hand and Beatty ends up dead. Guy’s actions lead to him being labeled as a fugitive and being forced to go on the run in order to escape the cold, lifeless mechanical hound. Eventually, Montag discovers a group of fellow outlaws who…

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