Analysis Of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's ' The Gatsby ' Essays

804 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Our group has chosen The Gatsby Collection 2013 American poster as our topic for academic analysis and research. The image has selected for analysis is that advertising The Gatsby Collection for Brooks Brothers, a traditional dealer of male luxury wear. The length of the image, which measures slightly more than double its height, is apt for its position as an advertisement banner on Brooks Brothers’ online store, with a menu of items that scrolls vertically. The image consists of a chiseled, handsome and well-dressed in the finest linen judging that which he sets his eyes on within a luxurious house. This is further accompanied an imposing text introducing the clothing collection’s adaptation from the movie. Through an analysis of the setting, model and mediums referenced, our group will argue that Brooks Brothers has carefully created an image of American high society, for its customer to buy into. IC will be analyzing the interplay of representations of Great Gatsby in the mediums referred to in the image’s text. The movie, which the collection is based out of, is in itself an adaptation of the novel, The Great Gatsby, which presents the American Dream on the subject. There is significant overlap between the characters’ presentation of American high society and Brooks Brothers’ luxury linens, such that the film adaptation even negotiates the retailer’s archives. Ironically, the protagonist, Gatsby, is himself who came from low backgrounds that attempts to buy into the…

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