Exotic History Widman Analysis

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The most unique type of art in this collection would have to be the painting titled Exotic History by Harry Widman. The craft is an oil on canvas that can be seen at the PCC campus of Rock Creek at building seven on the left side. The painting shows of three shadow figures of women painted in an abstract way makes it unique which is how all art is. Exotic History has a distinct visual style that work with one another to captivate the viewer, and get them to contemplate the meaning behind the piece. When you look at this painting, there’s a lot to take in such as the colors, structure and images going on. First let us consider the image first; we can see three shadowy figures that resemble women separated in their own frame. Everything is abstract, and the shape of the women are jaggedly. There’s a resemblance of red, yellows, greys, whites, and purples all drawn together in a big collage. What I find interesting about the visual style is how well it creates an image despite the details being …show more content…
When I look at the painting, all I see is three girls standing in front of a closet giving of a pose. In fact when I see the painting I feel a sense of beauty and mystique. My only possible theory is that the painting represents the notion that beauty is still present even if something is odd, but I don’t think that fits. I think the reason it’s called exotic history is that the artist wanted capture a certain tone in history. The style of the piece is primarily colorful odd which makes it exotic, and perhaps it was made in a diverse period in history, so that’s my main assumption. The colorful background, and the three woman are vibrant, so that’s what I feel it could mean. I can’t know for sure, but I do get a lot of feelings of variety, and blissfulness, which I can say accomplishes its job very

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