Analysis Of Ex Machina

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Another year of awards, and another year of controversy regarding the biggest night in Hollywood: the 88th Academy Awards. 2015 was a pretty solid year in movies. It was mostly dominated with Star Wars and the latest Avengers movies, but there was under the radar films in there as well. Ex Machina was one of the best films I’ve seen in the sci-fi genre for some time. Mad Max: Fury Road made me go to the theater 4 times to see it because it was such an experience that I would like to tell my kids about it one day. The movie Spotlight really highlighted how much of an impact one newspaper could have on the Catholic Church covering up the thousands of sexual abuses over decades. There was so much to love in movies this year… minus that whole diversity …show more content…
No one on this list other than Saoirse Ronan can come close to her.

Bale was very good in The Big Short. He reminded me of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is he wasn’t insane, was a genius, and was a kind-hearted guy that saw the financial collapse years before anyone. However, I’m going to have to give it to Stallone. It reminded me that he can still be a great actor if he tries to be. Ruffalo being nominated is just strange. He really didn’t do anything. Him over a nomination for Idris Elba? Pfft, yeah, okay.

Viklander was the best part of The Danish Girl and Ex Machina minus Oscar Issac). Rachel McAdams shouldn’t have been nominated. Like Ruffalo, she didn’t really do anything that screamed for awards. She just kinda knocked on doors and asked people stuff. That or she sat at her desk, talked on the phone, and asked people stuff. Jennifer Jason Leigh could steal this one, but I’m giving it to
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The Big Short is going to win it because it was a great adaptation, but The Martian was so well adapted that I feel Goddard is getting robbed. He managed to take a book that was full of so much scientific information and humanity that I don’t see why he shouldn’t win.

Spotlight will win because, again, the content involved. People will think it’s racist if Straight Outta Compton should win, but there are parts of that movie that are so horribly written that I laughed in the theater. There was a scene with Ice Cube was writing his moving Friday and laughing about how funny his own writing is. There was another scene where Dre was playing synth on his keyboard, randomly comes up with Nuthin’ But A G Thang, and then Snoop strolls up and freestyle the opening rhymes of it. No way.

Alex Garland has written some of the most enjoyable movies (Dredd, Sunshine, 28 Days Later), but continually gets robbed. Ex Machina would be a great upset, but I don’t see it happening.

Inside Out is made by Pixar. Do we even need to debate this?

Fury Road looked like it took 10,000 people to build all the stuff you see in the film. There is so much world building going on in the film that you have to see it a few times like I did to really take it all the detail put into

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