Differences Between Kranz And Shackleton

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Both Eugene Kranz and Earnest Shackleton exhibited specific leadership behaviors that allowed their situation to come out successfully. Shackleton, most and foremost, was selfless. He knew that his men needed to see him leading from the front so for days he stood on the stern of this lifeboat navigating them to land until he eventually collapsed. Secondly, Shackleton was dedicated to accomplishing his goals. When Shackleton and his crew reached South Georgia, he took two crew members to hike over a mountain to get to the town after days in the freezing cold and little food. He and his crew almost froze upon the mountain but they were able to slide down the mountain in a matter of minutes to reach the town within hours. Kranz, on the other hand, was not a lead from the front leader. Kranz utilized more of management type leadership by …show more content…
During this expedition, his main vessel was encapsulated and eventually sunk by the frozen waters of the Antarctic. Shackleton ordered the ship to be abandoned so that they could travel on the frozen waters. After debarking on this journey Shackleton realized that the real danger to his party was morale. Camping on the ice without the proper equipment led to his men enduring devastating conditions. When the men were found to be wishing for death, Shackle would assign them galley duties which was an important role to keeping others alive. Laying this groundwork of trust and morale, Shackle motivated the crew to man 3 life boats and set sail to Elephant Island. Even though they had reached land, Shackle knew they were not safe yet. He and his crew built up one of the boats to travel 800 miles away to get help. Shackle ordered two of the more discouraged sailors to accompany him so that they would not wreck the morale of those left on the island. Eventually they would get help and return for those left on the island five months

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