Essay on Analysis of Erik Petersen

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I. Background:
a. Petersen is general manager of Green Mountain Cellular Telephone (GMCT) which is one of 12 cell sites operated by Cellucom (GMCT is 1 of 3 still in construction)
b. GMCT is a pre-operating system, that will serve 400,000 people and operate 21 cell sites; 16 sites were anticipated to be ready by the turn-on date and five others in the eight months following
c. GMCT is one month behind target because of numerous problems, the revised turn-on-date is April 1 (from Feb. 1) and Petersen is scheduled to meet with Knight in two weeks to discuss various problems that have led to delays
d. NOTE: Petersen was initially informed by Jenkins that he would be reporting directly to him, however
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CelluComm had delayed in making several key decisions and had made several changes in the equipment originally specified
a. Dual-mode radio order delayed; alternative supplier was defective
b. Last minute decisions to have all power supplies include back-up batteries not generators; new power supplies arrived late
c. Last minute change of frequency-reuse patterns created more work and coordination for Curt; which Petersen felt he could not handle
3. Local utility were inefficient in getting telephone lines ready for the service and kept falling behind on their deadlines (source of problem was potentially a union steward who was intentionally slowing down the process)
4. Zoning Issues
a. Petersen wanted to use local towers for cell sites, in exchange for free service; Hardy disagreed leading Petersen to waver on his original offer. Result was bad publicity for GMCT and Cellucom; eventually Green and Cantor were brought into negotiate the process

III. Steps Taken by Petersen to Resolve Certain Problems
a. Initial construction delays - Petersen eventually hired a new contractor, even thought corporate was reluctant
b. Dealing with Chief Engineer
i. One-on-one counseling sessions to help Andrews plan better ii. Had Curt call weekly construction meetings to which everyone in the org was invited (Curt still did not become involved and Delavo and Jones usually reported back to Petersen)

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