Epicurean Argument On Death And Harm

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Epicurean argument on Death and Harm I agree with this argument which tell us that you do not need to afraid the death, because the death cannot harm you. This argument gives me a logical, comprehensive explanation and I was persuaded by this article. Furthermore, when people cannot judge the argument by evidence, a good theory will became the one which benefit more to us and make us better. So we have good reason to express the conclusion in the way we do. (Rosenbaum 122) In Epicurus’s opinion, the death, which scared most of people, actually is nothing for him and we also have no use to worry about death or something after death. As he said, our “ends” can separated into three different parts: dying, death and being dead. Death is the moment …show more content…
So many people could not stop worrying about what is the world like after death, no matter what belief they are, Christian, Muslim, atheist or agnostic. Some of them believes that world brimming with happiness, some believes it suffuse suffering, also someone insist the world after death is unknown. However, most of people feel perplexed and lost about the life after death, even they already believe what is it will like. Nonetheless, Epicurus brings us a totally new theory and it is none like others, and he is not talking about the world after death anymore, because that is not exist. “So, where is his evidence?” The objector asked. The honest answer is no, he does not have any evidence to prove it. Anyway, who else have? No evidence can affirm what the world after death looks like. After all, no one can come back from being dead to describe it. The energy of people is limited. If you wastes overmuch unnecessary energy with the problem which will never settle, you will miss the happiness which you already hold in your hand. If all the theory does not have any evidence to prove, why not choose the easiest one for you? Hence the other objection come up with the opinion that the easiest and comfortable way is if you certainly believe the world after death is a prefect happy world for example heaven, you will still good. However, how to keep a right level to believe is a difficult question. If you believe the happy world so much that people might yearn for the future more than cherish life every day. That is not a good situation for all of us, we will not glad to see too much fantasy around us instead of the hard

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