Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's `` The Soul Selects Her Own Society ``

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The Soul’s Irrevocability Emily Dickinson’s poem “The Soul Selects Her Own Society” provides insight of her own personal thoughts about her cloistered nature; however, it also portrays the limitless, yet mysterious power and freedom the individual soul has over all earthly desires such as social status, intimacy, and religious practices. Not only does Dickinson’s poem reveal her own ideas about personal individualism, which goes against society’s social norms, but also an opinion on the triviality of earthly aspirations. At first glance, Dickinson’s poetry is simple because of her meek writing style; however, it proves complexity with its abundance of interpretations. The simplest, easiest idea, that the poem occurs from Dickinson’s inner thoughts, seems to be the most obvious. With this meaning in mind, the “Soul” (1) represents Dickinson’s own, personal soul. The feminine soul “selects her own Society,” (1) which would then be seen as her deciding her life habits based on her individual desires: she has an opinion and a voice that can’t be swayed by popular demand. After choosing reclusion, Dickinson “shuts the Door/To her divine Majority” (2-3). The literal door of her home remains closed to the “Majority,” (3) which is the outside world’s perspectives on her behavior. Dickinson ignores the temptations of social status, and even projects a sense of indifference toward it, sufficiently reducing it to a trivial, mortal desire. Her soul, “Unmoved” by “Chariots,”…

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