Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's `` Because I Could Not Stop For Death ``

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In the world, everything will eventually die. Beautiful flowers will wither, birds will stop singing; and even inanimate things, such as dewdrop will be disappearing in the sunshine. Human beings are part of the natural world and they are under the control of the natural laws; therefore, people are destined to die. Even though death is normal, most of the human beings may be still afraid of it. It is understandable that ordinary people fear of death, because they may believe that they will disappear forever after death. How to face death is the most painful lesson that people must learn to assimilate in their lives. Philosophers, writers, and scientists deal with the theme of death, because it is the common. In “Because I could not stop for death”, Emily Dickinson proposes that physical death does not mean the end of the life, because the human spirit can attain eternal life by other ways; therefore, she encourages human beings not to fear of death. Emily Dickinson’s view on death is also reflecting on the idea of the Chinese philosophers, “The Death of the Moth” written by Virginia Woolf and a scientific experiment made by Duncan
The form of the poem is organized in stanzas and composed of quatrains, of four verses each. The poem does not have a perfect rhyme; however, it still has some rhythms making the poem connected. For instance, “Immortality” (line 4) with “Civility” (line 8), “Day” (line 22) and “Eternity” (line 24); they all make the poem has beautiful rhythms and…

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