Analysis Of Ellicott's Commentary For English Relatives

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Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers states after he had sent her back, or after her dismissal. The author believes Moses sent Zipporah back to live with her own relatives for one of two reasons. The first possibility may have been Moses was angry on the account of the scene described in Exodus 4:24-26. The second reason being Moses didn't want to be overburdened with his wife and children during the imminent dangers and difficulties which he anticipated in Egypt. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they were out of immediate danger Jethro assumed Moses would be glad to have his wife and children restored to him. The author notes that both reasons were possible, and gave strong arguments on both sides in favor of the practices at the time.

Calvin's Commentary provides the most commentary and information. Many scholars believe Zipporah was enraged due to her son's circumcision, so they left to go live with her father. Although Calvin's Commentary notes other
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It is my opinion that the tone of the writer is vapid. Leading the reader to believe that Moses sends his wife back out of anger. He had considered her feelings and did not circumcise his son as God had instructed him. Subsequently, he almost died. When Zipporah saw that God would take her husband's life for not circumcising their son, she then took matters into her own hands and did it herself. She saves his life by the circumcising their son. More than that, the reader can only surmise that he had ill will towards his connections by naming one of his sons Gershom, "a strange land". Moses was in Midian, yet he was a stranger in his own heart. Though sojourning for a time, his intention was never to stay, but to seek other habitation at some point and time. From this, one could conclude that Moses never truly felt at home or connected. Finally, after what took place in Exodus chapter four verse twenty-five, he was angry and proud; therefore, he sent his wife

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