Essay on Analysis Of Eliot 's Rosamond Vincy

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Eliot’s Rosamond Vincy is a further example. On face value Rosamond also can be considered an Angel. She is beautiful and has been schooled in all the lady-like accomplishments; although as one of the Middlemarch older women noted in a direct challenge to the concept of Angelic domestic ideology, ‘what was the use of accomplishments which would all be laid aside as soon as she was married? (Eliot 157)’. The Victorian lady may have been equipped to look angelic but she was ill-equipped to deal with her required role of motherhood and manager of the household. Neither Dr Ludgate nor Rosamond are equipped to manage their household and they quickly descend into debt. Rosamond further digresses from the maternal role she is expected to take when she miscarries her baby after taking a forbidden horse ride. Thierauf suggests that this was more than an accident. She suggests that Rosamond is ‘surreptitiously taking charge of the Lydgate’s family planning’ by this act and that this it was an act of abortion (483). This action, contrary to the direction of her husband and with ‘victorious obstinacy’ (Eliot 549) demoralises and undermines her husband’s attempts at control at every turn. Considering the loss of the baby as deliberate is not far-fetched. A contributor to the 1863 Transactions of the Manchester Statistical Society wrote that ‘married ladies, whenever they find themselves pregnant, habitually [begin] to take exercise, on foot or on horseback…and thus [make] themselves…

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