Analysis Of Elie Wiesel 's Night Essay example

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The world is filled with selfish people, but there are always people who are so selfless that they’d do anything for another person. In his memoir, Night, Elie Wiesel comes in contact with selfless people. Wiesel shows with characterization and significant details that thinking about others before yourself is the right thing to do. Being selfless is key. The way an author describes a person through characterization shows the reader what kind of person they are, in this case it’s how selfless they are. While Elie is in the camps there is one guard that all the Jews are fond of, the Dutch Oberkapo. He is introduced as “… and they all loved him like a brother. Nobody had ever endured a blow or even an insult from him” (63). We are aware of his selflessness right from the beginning, just from his introduction. Soon we are told that he is arrested for hoarding a large quantity of weapons (63), but refuses to tell the names of all the people involved (64). The Pipel that was of service to the Dutch Oberkapo was also arrested for the same crime. “He too was tortured, but he too was silent. The SS then condemned him to death, him and two other inmates had been found to possess arms” (64). This shows, by him not telling the names of the other people, that he was initially taking the blame, even though many people didn’t like the Pipel and thought they were much crueler than others. Elie himself was an example of someone who acted selflessly. Even after his father was sick and a…

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