Analysis Of Electronique And John Cage Sonatas And Interlude Essay

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My ranking is least favorite to most favorite with the exception with Varese poem Electronique and John Cage sonatas and interlude I could not figure out which I like the less, so I decided to place both at the bottom of the list. This period was not my favorite period so the musical choices I had was not very appealing.

Varese 's Poem Electronique concept of using different noise to compose music was very intriguing and exciting but the execution of this concept was disappointing as it had no rhythm, not much of a beat there was aspect that were promising that if it would incorporated some tradition aspect of music such as instrument or some melody that it could been enjoyable but really felt like a bunch of noise put together.
John Cage 's Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano was interesting as the texture was very vibrate and complex but was to abstract as there was no sense of pattern so it was chaotic in rhythm even when it was supposed to be tranquil. It was something I would hear once or twice but I did like how the technique of producing different sounds was unique and explore other alternative to sounds but it would rank it last on my list.
Debussy 's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun is ranked second to last as I was not very fond of the slow tempo and the moment of when it crescendo did brought a since of excitement but it was not constant that let my mind wander but it did caught my attention for few second. The woodwinds did a nice job accompany…

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