Analysis Of Eleanor And Park By Rainbow Rowell Essay

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Eleanor and Park is a beautiful love story about two people who feel alone and misunderstood joining together in a world that ignores their situation. Many of the characters have reasons for not telling others about the problems they are facing; like psychological disorders, and current gender roles which are strengthened by a realistic portrayal.Throughout Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell, every character faces a conflict that many individuals struggle with today, however, as shown repeatedly, many very important parts of the book are ignored until they can no longer be denied, simply because they are ugly.
Many characters in Eleanor and Park deal with psychological issues that prevent them from telling others about the problems they are dealing with. One example of a psychological issue that characters have is Dependent Personality Disorder. There are two characters who fit the profile almost perfectly, Eleanor and her mother, Sabrina. They are both constantly dependent on their partner, although Sabrina leans more towards being submissive. As far as we are shown, Eleanor seeks out approval from Parker nearly every time anything remotely physical happens, from holding hands, to kissing and further. Sabrina is never shown to seek approval but she is described on numerous occasions to have her mood brightened when, as a result of her actions, Richie is sober or nonviolent. Eleanor is extremely sensitive to criticism, barricading herself from Parker for days on end…

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