Essay on Analysis Of Egalia 's Daughters By Gerd Brantenberg

1313 Words Nov 12th, 2014 6 Pages
Upon reading Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg, it became more evident to me just how much more women are sexually oppressed in present day society. Brantenberg created this hypothetical town of Egalia where wom (women) and menwom (men) switched the roles we currently see as gender norms today. Overall, I thought she did a great job putting things into perspective in terms of views on sexual oppression. Although this satire portrayed a switch in gender roles, it felt as if the roles of menwom were not an accurate depiction of the sexual oppression women face. Not in any way am I disrespecting the idea behind Brantenberg’s satire, but to some extent it seemed that menwom were more celebrated in society, than women are overall today. As a female I think I speak for majority of the population of women when I say that menstruation is not something we celebrate. From our very first period, onwards women are almost embarrassed to admit they are on it. However, in the book the menstruation of menwom was such a joyous occasion. Menwom take their pehoes and walk around waving it in the air in a celebratory manner. It is almost diminishing the effect of how women feel during menstruation to nothing. As I read the book I felt as if this was an insult to how women feel while on their periods. Women do not find the desire to make a big deal of our monthly suffering. This is the time of month most women feel different biologically and it shows in ways such as variety of emotions,…

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