Analysis Of Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus

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What does it Say?
The Edwin Smith Surgical papyrus is a concoction of many different papyrus’ that if sewed together would form a book of sorts. The Surgical papyrus is an ancient Egyptian document written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The document entails roughly 48 cases on how to treat anything from the upper abdomen to the head, so long as it entails wounds or injuries in an adult male. The cases entail everything from the swelling of the brain, to a gaping shoulder wound.
What was it designed to do?
The papyrus is written as a sort of guide entailing: The title, Examination and prognosis, Treatment, and Explanations of the wounds/injuries. It’s believed that the way it was designed (explaining everything about the wound and procedures
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In fact if it weren’t for Napoleon and his troops finding the Rosetta stone in 1799, reading ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics may have never been a possibility. It wasn’t even until 1822 that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics was able to be deciphered. After that it took almost another fifty years to learn to read those hieroglyphics on the papyrus, by the time the entire surgical papyrus was translated it was much too late for Edwin Smith. Edwin Smith found the papyrus in 1862 and died in 1906, his wish was to know the contents of the papyrus, and he died without ever …show more content…
The 48 case long papyrus which was most likely used as a guide for learning physicians back then gives detailed guides on how to treat adult male patients with injuries pertaining from the abdomen to the head. Although stopping mid-sentence to a case dealing with the lower body, it gives us enough information to know that a) there was supposed to be more, and b) although we have yet to find the next part (and although we may never find it) we know that the medical procedures used were not only vast but explanative. When it comes to things of the past there is always more we could learn and find out. No one ever truly has all of the information because there will always be one piece of the puzzle missing, which is why history is such an interesting as well as important aspect of modern life. The only thing we can do is take the information we have and learn from it and when new information is found or better interpreted we learn from that as well. The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus is a marvelous document, my only regret being that Edwin Smith himself will never know what he was

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