Analysis Of Edward Scissorhands And Corpse Bride Essay example

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In both Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands (1990) and Corpse Bride (2005), the characters were relatively ‘different’ from those that they were surrounded by, therefore making them strange and considerably odd in the eyes of people they came in contact with- there was sympathy, pity, indifference, sacrifice, attraction, jealously, repulsion, understanding, fear, and prejudice surrounding both these characters as they discovered the real world. Both films are extremely fairytale-like, which contrasts with their more adult themes, which convey a universal truth about human nature or life if looked onto. These are the stories of an uncommonly gentle man and a grave misunderstanding. In both Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride, the main protagonists, Edward (ES) and Victour (CB) are met in a dark and isolated gothic styled setting, both of them male, and both of them having never met a female (of love interest) in any of their lives. Although they tell a different tale, these main characters have a strikingly similar appearance- hair as black as night, skin as white as snow, and lips as grey as the mornings of rain. To the people they meet, they are thought of as painfully awkward and slightly negligible. These two are not immediately rejected by society, but it is quite obvious that people think of them as considerably strange (even the ones who care about them) because of both their appearance (although Victour looked incredibly similar to his peers) and their dicey…

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