Analysis Of Edward Koch 's The Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty has been a topic of contention since it was introduced among humankind. The two sides of this issue are either for or against it. There are many solid points between the two disagreeing parties that need to be explored to make an informed decision on which side you would choose to support. Two essays I will draw from in this writing are written by Edward Koch, who is for, and David Bruck, who is against it. Both parties have made excellent points in their writings and will be great avenues to explore while making your decision.
Edward Koch, who was Mayor of New York between the years of 1978 to 1989, and has been involved in Democratic politics for many years, is a proponent of the death penalty. His argument is that the only way to give justice to a victim is to put the murderer to death. Koch lists the many reasons opponents give to reason with the people who do believe in it. He has many examples of killers seemingly getting what they deserved through his writings as well and states that when the guilty are even coming to understand the depth of their crimes by lecturing “on morality” (Koch 483) when they are faced with death themselves.
David Bruck obtained a law degree from the University of South Carolina after attending Harvard University. He works as a director of a death penalty defense clinic in Washington and is strongly against granting the death penalty even to violent criminals. Bruck responded to the essay written by Edward Koch by giving…

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