Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Haunted Palace ' Essay

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The readers have to listen carefully to be able to hear the greatness of Edgar Allan Poe. He puts words into life to really be able to understand how great each line is. The poem is acquainted with the choices of heaven or hell throughout each line and expresses how in depth Edgar must go to represent the decision. In the poem, Poe uses a decaying and haunted mansion as a chilling metaphor for the big decision. Reading this story can leave one confused or in chill bumps depending on how the imagery is perceived. The imagery describes the way life should be lived as one follows a higher being than oneself. The “Haunted Palace” is called a didactic poetry, which as you can tell this story is full of ethical, moral, or religious lessons. The haunted place can sustain a lot of different physical representations and literal and figurative meanings. The major religions believe in a higher as Christianity believes in the life decisions to leave the Earth to a holy or demonic palace. In the “Haunted Palace,” Edgar Allan Poe uses setting, mood, religious significance, and allegory to represent the Christian ideals. The setting changes as the word choice mood changes from happy to sad. First, Poe explains the bright banners on the roof flowed with the wind “and every gentle air that dallied in that sweet day” (Meyer 434). The dallied air felt playful and gave an amazing feeling throughout the place, with just imagining how great the place felt and smelt of a fresh field with a…

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