Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Masque Of The Red Death '

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Few literary topics seem more conducive to psychological analysis than the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Throughout many of his stories appear the same irregular and fascinating themes: morbidity, powerful yet inexplicable anxiety, reanimation, and over acuteness of the senses. Many have endeavored to link the deviancy in Poe’s writing with the abnormality of Poe’s life, and have sought to explain the former in terms of the latter. In this essay it will explain the significance of how Edgar Allen Poe’s work of literature reveals important details about the author’s mind-state and life experiences, by choosing passages from stories/poems that shed light on Poe’s mind and/ or life experiences
One example of a similarity between Poe 's life and his stories is in, “The Masque of the Red Death.” In this story, a kingdom is haunted by a deadly plague called the Red Death. It sweeps across the kingdom quickly, much like the Black Plague did in Europe. If you were to catch the red death, you were quarantined and shut out from aid of others. On page 63 in the story “Masque of the Red Death”, the symptoms it explained for the Red Death were ghastly. It says “ There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores, with dissolution. The scarlet stains upon the body and especially upon the face of the victim, were the pest ban which shut him out from the aid and from the sympathy of his fellow-men. And the whole seizure, progress and termination of…

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