Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Raven ' Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe has a unique way of writing his poems. Poe wrote poems in a Gothic tone during the Romanticism Era. Poe has a way of including alliteration, repetition, imagery, and difficult vocabulary. Poe likes to create a visual image in a reader 's head. Each person can interpret a different image and meaning. Poe uses to tone to describe to set the mood and give the reader an image. Poe also likes to create suspense but repeating words, describing others thoughts or feelings, and including vivid images.
“Annabel Lee” has alliteration to set the mood and describe the narrator 's feelings. With the use of the letter ‘s’ Poe sets a evil and hissing setting and it also builds rhythm. By referring to the sea in multiple stanzas the reader know it 's important. Poe uses alliteration in this other poems like “ The Raven”. In the “The Raven” alliteration is used creating a dark, eerie, and mysterious mood. In “Annabel Lee” the letters ‘m, l, s, c, h, and d’. In stanza one m is repeated to emphasize the manys years ago he had a maiden. The uses of the letter ‘l’ is repeated with love and lived. Therefore, the author was deeply in love and remembers the days vividly. Letting the reader know what’s happening and setting a mood. The use of ‘s’ is to create imagery and set a tone. By repeating ‘s’ the poem starts to become dark and the reader begins to understand in better detail. By repeating ‘sepulchre’ the reader can infer Annabel is buried in the sea. The letter ‘c’ is…

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