Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's The Cask Of Amontillado Essay examples

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A natural response when receiving slander is to fire back and seek revenge. Many say nothing is sweeter than revenge, and in “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe, Poe emphasizes this fact through the actions of Montresor and Fortunato, the murderer and the victim of the story. Montresor leads Fortunato into his family catacombs under the false impression of a mysterious cask of amontillado that’s deep inside, and then buries him within the walls as his act of revenge towards Fortunato. Poe certainly accomplishes his purposes of creating an eerie tone and paralleling his characters off of his own double sided personality; however, Poe most strongly establishes the recurring idea that Montresor and Fortunato are complete opposites.
Throughout the story, Poe establishes a chillingly eerie tone by using imagery devices that appeal to the senses of hearing and sight. When Montresor and Fortunato encounter each other during the carnival, Montresor declares how, “I continued, as was my in to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that to my smile now was at the thought of his immolation” (Poe 1). This assists Poe’s eerie tone by proclaiming that Montresor is made happy at the thought of sacrificing Fortunato, a psychotic thought, making the reader shiver with apprehension. Imagery assists by precipitating an image within the audience 's head of Montresor’s facial expression. Sound imagery is drawn on as well, as the reader hears the haunting laugh of Fortunato through…

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