Analysis Of Ecclesiastes And It 's Not God Essays

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Ecclesiastes Revealing the Truth The book of Ecclesiastes has been said to have occurred between the fifth and third centuries BCE in Persia. Scholars have placed emphasis on the fifth century BCE period because it was a time where commercialization thrived and the standardization of currency occurred. Introducing the problem of unequal wealth distribution which is why it’s been considered the “dark age” in the history of Israel. However, it wasn’t the first time money was introduced and the Persians introducing this coinage caused a drastic change in the economy of Levant. It became a commodity and paved the way for destruction in mankind as well. There is one speaker in the book of Ecclesiastes and it’s not God. Ecclesiastes translated in Greek is Qoheleth which means preacher and teacher. Qoheleth is later revealed to be Solomon, the son of David the gatherer of wisdom. “The wisdom of the book of Ecclesiastes rather associates the value of human life, focuses upon the limits and contradictions of life in order to teach wisdom” (Ortlund, 281.) The book is written primarily in first person to easily explain the instructions that God has laid out for the world. I focused on two chapters in the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter four and six. They both speak the truth about the realities of money and vanity and it 's effects on mankind. Socioeconomic issues begin to arise for example; over consumption, excess labor, and economic exploitation. In Qoheleth’s view, humanity is…

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