Analysis Of Earth And Space Sciences Essay

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Part of Content Description:

Content descriptors

Earth and Space Sciences:
Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the Sun) (VCSSU078).

Modelling the distance between Earth, other planets in the solar system and the sun.

Analysing and evaluating:
Compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations (VCSIS086).

Sharing ideas as to whether observations match predictions, and discussing possible reasons for predictions being incorrect.

Recording and processing:
Construct and use a range of representations, to record, represent and describe observations, patterns or relationships in data (VCSIS085).

Using familiar units such as kilometres and millimetres.
Construct representations, including dynamic representations.

(Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2016)

Part of Standard(s) and Learning Outcome(s):

Achievements strands:
Students use models to describe the key features of our Solar System. Students explain how scientific knowledge develops from many people’s contributions.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the lesson students will be able to…

• Identify and model the distance of the planets in relation to the sun.
• Discus and model the relative size of the planets within the solar system.
• Construct a scale model of our solar system.

• Identifying the distances of planets from the sun.
• Engaging in highly appropriate discussions of distances of…

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