Analysis Of Earl Shorris 's ' As A Gun 's The Restless Poor '

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The author Earl Shorris wrote the second selection of the Harper’s Magazine “On the uses of a liberal education”, which Earl Shorris section is titled “As a Weapon in the restless Poor”. Where he was writing a book about poverty in America, but when he got the strange idea to see if Bedford Hills Correctional Facility would fit in his story. That was when he got the change of heart. Earl Shorris explains that there were numerous forces that made him curious to experiment because the Bedford hills Correctional Facility stories gave off that there was no escaping this life style. Therefore, after listen to many stories and understand what they had went through he decided to experiment to see for himself if his finding was the same as the stories that he was told. Earl Shorris whole objective was to: show the poor people education, humanity, social aspect; although, knowing all of that the fact still stand that majority of the poor people result in not paying much attention in class because they have other things to worry about. In result, reflection is the key way out of poverty.
In the article Earl Shorris he first realized that there was a lack of education in poverty areas, but he never knew how bad or why they were still missing something so they could get out of this life. So, Earl Shorris started talking about how Viniece Walker had surprised him on what she had said. Viniece Walker was known by her friends as Niecie and that is what he referred her as. Niecie asked a…

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