Analysis Of Dumbo And Aladdin Are Two Very Popular Disney Films Children Know And Love

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Racial stereotyping is not an innate behaviour, instead it is adaptive, a social construct used to categorize ‘race’ into basic understandable and identifiable groups ( ). Racial stereotyping is used ubiquitously in contemporary society as a way of helping certain groups (usually the dominant group) to understand other groups different to themselves. The dominant groups can then make assumptions based on the ‘others’ appearance, beliefs, culture etc. ( )
Dumbo and Aladdin are two very popular Disney films children know and love. Although, a child may not notice any racial stereotypes portrayed in the films, they can still begin to associate the physical features of characters shown with other groups and compare another 's phenotype with their own identity, thus leading to racial stereotypes.
Whether the stereotyping is blatant or unintentional is an interesting question to be analysed, the fact is, racial stereotypes in Disney films were very much emphasized in the 1900’s, when these films were produced, and they have been perpetuated in succeeding films. (reference)
In this essay I will argue how racial stereotypes were obvious is ‘older’ Disney films and how these stereotypes have been challenged in newer…

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