Analysis Of Dudley Randall 's ' The Ballad Of Birmingham ' Essay

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Clarity of how the poem is written helps the reader’s understanding of Dudley Randall’s “The Ballad of Birmingham,” which is based on the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement. In this poem, a child asks her mother if she may go on a freedom march, which is known to be a dangerous event, and the mother says the child may not go but may, instead, go to church, a perceived safe haven. The church is then bombed and the little girl dies tragically. The reader is able to get a better understanding of how gruesome and tragic the bombing was through the point of view, simple diction, and nursery rhyme rhythm. In this poem there are three speakers that all give a different point of view of this horrific event during the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama. The readers get quotes from the mother and daughter as well as information from a third person point of view. If the poem was told solely in third person point of view, the reader would not be able to experience the poem at such a personal level. In the first stanza the child says, “Mother dear, may I go downtown / Instead of out to play,” (1-2). The quote presents the idea that the child wishes to go out to the march in her own words versus merely being told the child wishes to go to a march by a third person. With the child speaking the reader is able to feel more connected to the girl because the link between the reader and daughter brings more feeling and connection through…

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