Analysis Of ' Dreaming Big ' Essay

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“Dreaming Big” For my entire life, I have always been a dreamer. I fantasized about everything under the sun. Imagining clouds tasting like cotton candy and pet tigers on aureate leashes. I would also dream “realistically” about starring in High School Musical, becoming an international Pop Star like Beyoncé, or having a private limo. Needless to say, I have a lot of hope and imagination (sometimes a bit too much). I’ve always had it, and that is why my strength is my weakness. I struggle with not having enough drive and motivation to do something. I can dream a lot, and I can always come up with goals. However, if someone told me to go out and pursue them, I would have to say I could not. Struggling with a fear of failure is a big struggle for myself as well. I feel if I am not good at something, I take it as failure. I mean, why try? I can always come up with vast, elaborate pipe dreams, but I feel as though I can never accomplish big. However, overcoming these obstacles is indispensable if I want to be successful in my life. Therefore, I have come up with a course of action to beat this lack of motivation and apprehension of failure. I will write positive quotes and pictures of things that make me exultant and put them everywhere-my locker, room, book bag, etc. to remind me everyday what I am striving for. I also will try to be courageous and step out my comfort zone trying a dance class, ask my mom for cooking advice, and try track for the high school. I will not let…

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