Analysis Of ' Dracula ' By Bram Stocker Essay

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Gothic literature began with eighteen century. As a genre of literature, it combines supernatural horror and romance element; and it also reflects the fears and anxiety of society. Dracula (1897) is the one of the gothic literature, it was composed by Bram Stocker (1847-1912). The novel tells the story of a vampire Dracula. This essay will focus on Dracula and show how the concept of crossing boundaries helps to create horror in Gothic stories in aspects the idea of femininity, supernatural and natural and life and death; and some evidence will be extracted from Frankenstein (1818) and Varney the vampire (1845).

The woman in Victoria era were given certain roles and requirements. They were expected to be ideal women and required to identify with some characteristics. The ideal woman was pure and innocent and also need to be chaste and modest. They were passive, if a woman got married, her total rights were given over to her husband. The husband was the controller of the family including the wife herself. In the home, woman 's proper role was a loving mother and wife. The wives need to keep the house well, obey their husband, and raise children properly; they should entirely devote themselves to their family without any desires for themselves. If they could not behave very well, they might be criticised. However, because of the constraints for women, they began to revolt and the concept of the New Woman emerges. It was also reflected in art and literature. Those works…

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