Analysis Of Dracul Ballet With A Bite

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On Friday October 28th, 2016 at 7:00pm, I attended Dracula: Ballet with a Bite. Dracula was held at the Koger Center in Columbia, South Carolina. This ballet was performed by numerous dancers from the Columbia City Ballet including, Claire McCaa, Bonnie Boiter-Jolley, Autumn Hill, Philip Ingrassia, Manu Navarro, and Oscar Sanchez. There were plenty more dancers that performed, these are just some to name a few. All of the performers put a lot of hard work into this show so that they could present a great piece of art for the audience members.
Act one had two different scenes that were set in a small village in Transylvania and the second scene was inside castle Dracula. The first scene of the performance started out with red lighting effects
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The first scene was set in a park near the cemetery. The second scene was that night in the cemetery and the third scene was the next evening outside the cemetery. The whole first scene, everyone was in white costumes. There were little kids sitting in circles on the stage. There were also little girls who were on a pointe. This group sequence was outstanding to see because these little girls were doing everything on pointe including: attitudes, arabesques, and battements. One of the girls accomplished six second turns in the center of the stage. There was a pas de deux with one guy and one girl where he picked her up and she did several beats in the air before coming down. A part that really stood out to me in this scene was when two girls were dancing with a guy. The whole time both girls were doing the exact same thing, but one partnered with a guy and the other as a soloist. It was pretty interesting to see that both girls were doing the same thing and not always relying on their partner. After this trio happened, the music changed and everyone ran off stage in a fright. The gypsies enters the stage and Dracula comes back as the gypsies ripple to the floor. After getting up the rest of the dance is in a complete circle the whole time. Lucy Westerna who was played by Regina Willoughby performs a set of bourreés back on stage to meet Dracula in the middle. All gather around Dracula and Lucy while Dracula bites her on the neck. At that …show more content…
This has been a little different for me, but I’d have to say I enjoyed it as I saw different movement patterns that were changed from the first two times I have seen it before. It was interesting to see that the movement that were kept, looked entirely different from what I saw before. The performance level made the ballet look totally

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