Analysis Of Downton Abbey And His Family Essay

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Downton Abbey is currently being shown on PBS that is about to start its sixth season. Season one began in 1912. The show is about an earl and his family. It is set during a time when social norms were very strict. Women worried about who their husbands would be. Men worried whether or not their wives would give them male heirs. The earl and his wife and three daughters, and no sons.
All of the daughters in this series fights social norms, some more than others. The first daughter, Mary Crawley, is head strong. With there only being three daughters and no sons, a pressure is placed upon Mary to marry the heir to her father’s fortune. This would have definitely been someone she was related to. Being headstrong, she was determined not to marry anyone her parents wanted her to. Even early in the 20th century, daughters listened to their fathers.
Mary also challenges social norms in another big way. For women, especially with high positions such as these, it is essential for women to remain virgins until their wedding night. If it was found out that a woman was not a virgin, it created a scandal what would follow herself, as well as her family, throughout time. Mary had sex with a Turkish gentleman. On top of not being virtuous, the man died, from a heart attack, in her bed. Her mother and a female servant helped Mary take the body back to his assigned room.
Already, Mary Crawley is defying social norms, even though there could be dire consequences. Later on, she does marry…

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